Reva Wear

Reva Wear

Project Detail

Reva is focused on creating active wear for the modern minimalist. They believe in challenging the idea of more is more and they’re bringing it back to basics by creating well-made pieces that can also be a force of change.

They run marathons on the street and they also run our world. They’re growing, just like you. Their mission is simple: create the essentials to keep you moving and to lay the foundation for better youth participation in sports. They are headquartered in San Francisco Bay area.

ClientReva Wear
Project Date14 Nov 2017


After defining the target audience, our team got to work outlining a bold UX strategy that would engage and excite them. Since attention spans are short, we knew the website architecture needed to be simple to allow visitors to quickly find information and make purchases.

Our wireframes helped us plan out the best layout and experiment with a navigation strategy that would be easy to use for those who are familiar with mobile navigation patterns.

Impressive Results

60 % increase in inbound leads

22% Less CPA

303% ROI

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