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Minthis Website Design & Development

At its heart, Minthis is about enrichment; the timeless spirit of the landscape offers true escapism, where time is a treasure to be spent recharging and reconnecting. The pioneering architecture is light-filled and energizing, designed to frame soul-stirring panoramas and connect residents with the refined simplicity of authentic Cypriot life.


Like many of our projects, our team kicked off this design by doing a deep dive into who Minthis is, what the goals for their new website were, and perceptions they hoped to change with a freshly designed site. As we dug deep and got to know their team, and the goals they had for this website.

ClientMinthis Resort
Project Date28 Jan 2018

UX Strategy

Kicking off the UX strategy phase, our strategists made a sitemap to help the story flow across the pages of the website. With lots of other sites to draw inspiration from in front of us, we started piecing together what their story would look like across the site. Wireframes allowed us to create rough outlines of how the content would fit together to display Minthis’s class to any potential clients visiting their website.


The build phase was where our designers were able to take all the beautiful images Minthis had and compose the page designs that would tell their story. Working their magic, our design team melded together imagery and text together to create beautiful layouts. But a page design without code is of no use to anyone, which is where our programming team stepped in to bring the pages to life.

Test & Launch

As with all of our projects, a meticulous round of testing ensured that the site and CMS were both running smoothly before prepping for the launch. Our QA engineers reviewed the site on all of the latest browsers and mobile devices to ensure that it was performing optimally across the board.

minthis report

Impressive Results

The site was met with instant excitement and by both company employees and clients. Their clients were finally able to see online an accurate portrayal of the amazing resort and offerings Minthis has. We also boosted the traffic and user engagement for them.

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