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Project Detail

From their very first day as a young, passionate Internet company, create for community has been at the heart of what they do. Back then, their objective was simple: to connect people using the power of the Internet. Because when you connect people, great things can happen.

That’s something they still believe in. They’ve seen how powerful community can be in getting things done and making things better. Their solutions are all about the connections that build relationships, facilitate change and enable growth.

ClientInternet marketing Ghana
Project Date08 Aug 2017

What we did

After compiling all of the learnings from the Discovery phase, we jumped into a wireframe audit. For this we took a look at the wireframes that had been created and assessed them based off of the vision for the site, the target audience, and the site goals. We made suggestions for adjustments to align them better with the overall vision and worked with Graeme to put together a design strategy based off of the wireframes.

Everything fell in place and results we got were astounding.

Impressive Results

48% increase in inbound leads

37% less CPA

340% increase in ROI

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