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EF website Redesign and Development
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Ross (marketing head at EF) approached us with a well-formed idea of changes that they wanted to see on their website. They had already invested a lot of time creating wireframes with another agency that captured their vision for the site, but did not want to continue working with them for the design and development phase of the site for various reasons.

ClientEF English Live
Project Date7 Feb 2018

UX Strategy & Design

After compiling all of the facts from the Discovery phase, we jumped into a wireframe audit. For this we took a look at the wireframes that had been created and assessed them based off of the vision for the site, the target audience, and the site goals. We made suggestions for adjustments to align them better with the overall vision and worked with Ross to put together a design strategy based off of the wireframes.


The build for the website was a stimulating challenge from a development perspective. A key part of the vision for the redesigned site was a flexible page builder, where they could easily piece together pages within the CMS for different courses using the thoughtfully crafted designs.

The carefully planned designs assured consistency across all these custom-built pages, while enabling them to build unique pages on demand.

Another highlight of the development phase was programming the course management. The courses that EF offered on the website were all highly customizable.

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