BJ's Restaurants

Project Detail

Since their humble beginnings back in 1978, they’ve continued to refine brewhouse experience to make BJ’s a place where you can make the most of any meal. They want BJ’s to be a place where the moment you leave is the moment you plan on coming back.

They pride themselves in their craft and attention to detail. Their guests love their award-winning handcrafted beer. So in many ways they haven’t just crafted a brand, but a mindset. And their guests are the reason for this. They’re continually striving to make sure every moment they choose to spend with us counts. They started as a pizza shop before they were a restaurant and brewhouse. Now they have over 18 signature flavours of pizza, from tavern-cut to deep dish to made-to-order combinations. And they craft their hand-pressed deep dish pizza dough to be double proofed — which means it rises twice — which means it looks and tastes better — which means you might have to have more than one slice.

ClientBJ's Restaurant
Project Date10 Aug 2017

What we did

Outlining the goals of the design gave our team something clear to focus on: attract new hires, show that the brand is changing, and promote their different menu items. Invigorated by the challenge, we jumped into a collaborative wire framing session to lay out the content for the homepage of the site. With that in place, we moved on to defining the rest of the architecture and wire framing the remaining pages.


With a strategy firmly in place, our talented designers jumped into crafting a design that employed the perfect combination of imagery, colours, and text. Going the extra mile, we presented various design directions to their team for their input on which they felt would help them best accomplish their goals. Pleased with the options, they honed in on the one that presented their new values the best, and we worked with them to apply and finalize the designs across all the pages on the site.

Impressive Results

68% increase in bookings

30% Less CPA

240% increase in ROI

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