Penalty Recovery

Do you own a website that has received a manual or algorithmic penalty? Don't throw in the towel just yet because I'm going to show you how to recover your lost rankings and traffic.

Google Panda / Penguin Recovery

The best ranking on search engines is a wonderful ticket to good results. Businesses devote fortunes on Search Engine Optimization – Seo and Google marketing to increase awareness of their website, thus improving their position on results in Google.

Google is completely conscious that businesses are prepared to do just about anything to get to primary on page one.

If your site have “thin” information

If your site is content-rich as well as offers WebPages of unique and also relevant data for internet users, you may have to verify this off your list. In the event you aren’t running a blog or creating content material on a regular basis, or if many of your pages are fairly skimpy, you most likely have certain work forward.

How we proceed:

  • Add more essential content to thin pages
  • Start posting and provide your website visitors great content they are able to use and discuss

If your site have keyword-stuffed WebPages

If site content is made around your purchaser personas and created in natural vocabulary, you may be not guilty of keyword phrase stuffing. For those who have paid for on-site SEO expert services in the past (when keyword stuffing was typical), or needed SEO expert services offered by doubtful sources, it’s valuable time for a content checking.

How to proceed:

  • SEO specialists use numerous tools to monitor keyword phrase use and excessive use. For WordPress customers, the SEO WordPress plugins is a good option for consulting yourself against the “rules,” and also you will find both free and also paid variations offered.

If your site have copy content

When your content is unique, exclusive, and will not plagiarize other sites, you are off to a great start. You should also make sure you don’t have copy pages within your website, and there are certainly tools you can utilize to check for copy content.

How to proceed:

  • Use the “HTML Suggestions” in your own Google Webmaster Tools to make sure Google isn’t choosing on content duplication.

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