Mobile Application Marketing

Mobile Application Marketing

It becomes so important if you have Mobile App for your game/products/services/ etc. Only having a mobile application is not enough. You need to market it with proper strategies and implementation. mobile application marketing, mobile app marketing

There are thousands of well known apps are available in the different app store but due to improper or without marketing plan they could not get the user base they deserve. mobile app marketing

HRS Consulting Mobile application promotion and marketing services offer successful strategies to make your app standout of competition. mobile application marketing, mobile app marketing,

We perform marketing for all mobile apps for all platform such as:

• iPhone/iPad Apps
• Android Apps
• Blackberry Apps
• Windows Mobile Apps

Our Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

1-Initial process – mobile application marketing
A) App Analysis
B) App USP Evaluation

2-Pre Launch Marketing
A) Framing Marketing Roadmap
B) Creating Pre-launch Buzz
C) Developing Teaser Campaigns

A) Strategic Launch
B) Promotion through PRs, Newsletters, Viral Videos
C) Social Media Promotion & Blogging

4-Post Launch Marketing
A) Generating Reviews for App
B) Suggesting In-App Campaigns
C) Video Campaigns for Aggressive Promotions
D) Targeting relevant audience & increasing downloads

mobile application marketing

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