How much does it Cost to develop a Mobile App? (You’ll be surprised!)

Let’s be straightforward, if you have reached to this blog, you are someone looking forward to developing an application. And, if that is true, you are in luck! We, at high rank solution love to share the in depth industry knowledge with those who care about the same.

We never differentiate on the level of expertise our readers hold. If you are an expert, this mobile guide will polish your knowledge and if you are a beginner, you have hit jackpot!

First thing first. Mobile app development industry is growing like never before. 2.2 million Apps on App Store and a massive 2.8 million count on Google Play is enough to support the statement.

With this fact, it’s clear that development companies are flourishing too. Why not have rounds of the requirements that affect the cost of app? Who knows you will benefit from this knowledge when hiring any such services?

Here are the visuals to explain you the basics of app development cost:

mobile app cost

Now, Let’s Talk Development!!

The development cost of applications is an influential factor for every person looking out for such services. Wouldn’t you think twice before spending your hard earned money? Of course, you will and it’s fair enough to be a wise customer. As the cost is going to play the most important role, let’s have a look at how much it costs to build an application.

The basics of these services would include the following for any client:

  • Relatively low price and high quality
  • Affordable resources, &
  • The best team

We know these facts as High Rank Solution keeps on surveying on these concerns.

Needless to say, the cost of mobile apps varies from company to company and on the basis of operating systems too. So, here are the factors that contribute to the development of mobile apps.

Development Cost

Depending on what your project needs, the size of any team may vary. And, the basic professionals include the developers, designers (UI/UX), quality assurance tester and the delivery professional. The team will also include an API engineer for the backend development. All these problems add to the overall cost of mobile app development. So, whenever you meet the development company for any such requirement, do have some questions about the team size, the experience of the professionals and the technology they work on. This will give you a better understanding of the cost.

Development Cost (the technical aspect)

It is important to have a look around at the technical aspect to know more about the cost. So, the technical aspect that contributes to the entire app development cost includes the following:

  • The complexity of the project
  • The choice of operating system, OS
  • The design and the animation

Let’s get a better understanding of these concepts

mobile app cost1

  1. The Complexity of the Project

The technical complexity of a project again includes a number of features. Here is a brief on the most important ones.

  • Integration with third party libraries

Apps are integrated with third party library, frameworks, and services. Features like implementing payment functionality, coding the real-time chat integration and adding social media share buttons are some of the functionalities that comes under these categories. Additionally, there are social media sharing capabilities that needs to be integrated successfully into the mobile application and it asks for an added cost to development.

  • Backend and admin panel development

Backend development makes it possible to exchange the data between the app and the database. And, from admin panel, apps are managed for publishing the content, viewing the stats, and for any other crucial information that requires frequent update.

  • The Use of Hardware Components

One thing that developers need to understand here is, users wish to have a mobile application and not a mobile website. The difference here lies in embedding the functionality in the application. Additionally, latest smart phones have features like NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, barometers, and others. The hardware components may increase depending upon the type of the device. The addition of software components would also add to the cost of mobile app development in addition to increasing the overall time as well as the efforts.

  1. The choice of operating system, OS

When it comes to choosing the operating systems, we have two different options. You can either go with Android or choose to develop an iOS application.

When it comes to iOS development, the developed app must remain compatible with at least the latest and the previous version of iPhone. The best thing about iOS app development is that developers need to develop the app only for  one platform i.e. iOS. The world of Android looks much diverse in this sense. The world of Android looks much diverse in this sense. Android is very much device specific. And, the factors that influence the decision of every app developer include the following:

  • The size of market share for each device
  • Devices specific for a given market
  • The preference of the client

More devices would mean more efforts, more time to spend and more cost of the mobile app. There are additional factors including screen sizes, resolutions, hardware specifications, and testing that add on to the cost.

Because of the fragmentation in the Android app development, the cost of apps that run on Android will automatically increase as compared to iOS.

  1. The Design and the Animation

Custom user interfaces are complex to implement owing to which the cost of mobile app development will become much higher. Custom development has specific interfaces depending upon the client’s choice. This adds on to the total cost. Here the role of designing including the UI and the UX of the application matters the most. There are companies that would suggest you the right path depending on the preference of the development. Additionally, custom animation also adds on to the cost.

These were the pointers to explain you pre mobile app development cost. It’s a general cost estimation guide and thus we have included the things that are common to all the applications. Now. let’s talk about the post release expenses

Post Release Expenses

It is not the actual app programming cost that you need to spend on, when the app development is done, the post release expenses also adds to the complete expenses. You need to spend on growing your product too. Just like any business, your app needs promotion too, and that would add to the average cost of developing an application.

Moreover, the app needs frequent updates, customer support, backend server maintenance, cost of hosting on the cloud, sometimes the legal support, and application marketing and promotional cost too.

Companies generally do not add the post development and maintenance cost in the initial quote that is sent to the clients. So, keep in mind to spend a few extra bucks even after your application is developed. You may have some additional expenses known as post promotion cost.

Hourly App Development Rates across the Globe

Choosing the right mobile development company is a tough call. Not all the companies offer the best services. Some time low-priced programmers can provide excellent results and sometimes even the high-priced firms do not live on the expectations of the clients.

Here is a basic outline of the cost that developers across the world ask for

  • The companies based out of US and Canada charge from $50 to $250 per hour
  • For the similar services, Australian agencies charge $50-$150
  • Developers from Western Europe and the UK would charge between $35 and $170
  • Developers from Eastern Europe charge a minimum of $20 – $150
  • Indian developers charge a cost between $10-$80 per hour

And, this makes India quite an attractive destination for Mobile app development.

The Rates of App Depending Upon Their Complexity Level

As prescribed earlier, the app development cost majorly depends upon the complexity of the application and here is a brief on what this complexity means.

When, it is about the complexity, the development scenario can be divided into different arena including:

  • The apps that have basic functionalities (such apps are easy to develop)
  • The apps having moderate functionality (such apps take more time to develop as compared to basic functionality apps.
  • The ones with higher complexity

The apps that are very simple to develop

Simple apps include basic functionality, no major third party integration and a simple UI/UX is all such apps include. These are the basic kind of applications that do not need much time to develop. Talking about the timeframe, such apps generally take 600 hours and require a minimum of $20,000 for a successful development.

The apps that are a bit difficult to develop

These are the apps having middle range of complexity. These apps may including (depending upon the requirement) customized UI/UX. Real time chart, payment feature, integration with API and more. The basic cost stars from $ 50,000 and it generally takes 600-800 hours to develop the application.

The ones with higher complexity

Higher complex apps have advanced functionality that includes custom animation, real-time synchronization, complex backend and more. The time frame for building such application is more than 800 hours and the price starts from $60,000 and can go to extended limits.

The Mobile App Development Cost Aspect: Company Vs Freelancers

Depending on the choice (company or the freelancer), the development cost would vary greatly.

The mobile app industry is filled with developers, companies, and freelancers of every category. Depending on the years of their experience and the expertise they hold the charge would vary greatly. The team size, as stated above also adds to the additional cost of the development.

The considerable amount of cost development would vary in the following manner as stated below:

Large App Development Companies would charge a cost between – $450,000 to $1,500,000

Mid Cap App Development Companies would charge a cost between – $150,000 to $450,000

Small Enterprises that offer Development would charge a cost between – $27,000 to $150,000

Freelancers or Small Companies would charge a cost between– $2000 to $25,000

mobile app

The Mobile App Development Cost: Development from Scratch Vs White Label Solution

In case your development company is developing an app from the scratch, the cost of development will increase. Starting the work from the scratch means piling the things up right from the start.

This, of course, needs the time, effort and an extra cost. There is no such requirement of developing apps from the scratch until you have such an app in the mind that has not been developed yet. Initial codes are easily available for developers and thus there is no point in indulging in the app development process from the scratch.

App development companies are now opting for a different solution, white labeling. It is a practice of selling an application under the name of a company that has not actually developed it.

White Label Solutions are now trending as companies add their tags to the apps developed by other companies. This way the cost of app decreases to as low as $ 500 range. Quite affordable!

The complete cost guide

mobile app cost

HRS Consulting Advise

From the above guide, you must have found out that it’s the basic demand of app including app functionality that decides the cost. So, to break down the cost further, you must know the basic functionality that your app would have. Meeting the app development companies is worth your time as it will give a fair idea of the development parameter to the professionals.

Remember, every app has functionalities different than others similarly as it has an audience of its own. Invest some time and efforts to explain the requirement of developing the application. Have your homework. Talk about the kind of functionality you need in your app, do talk about the audience you would like to target, sit with the developers to add a USP (depending upon the specific genre of the app and the audience to be targeted), do talk about the development time it would take and the technology the professionals will use. Your app needs to be an offering for the audience, which is possible only when your developer is well-aware of the type of app you wish to have.

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