Google Voice Search: Tips to Improve Your Voice Search Rankings

Google Voice Search

Here at High Rank Solution we are going to talk about voice search and how this term may or may not play a big role in search engine optimization strategy and tactics in 2018.

Voice search or Google voice search is a technique provided by largest using search engine “Google” that serves the results on mobile screen by speaking on a mobile phone or computer.

On other hand we can say that instead of writing keyword on Google you may just get relevant results by speaking that keyword on your phone or any device having Google.

More simply we can define this term as the “voice search simply means using your voice to ask a question, rather than typing it.”

 google voice search

How to activate?

This requires a digital assistant like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant or clicking the microphone next to the Google search box. This service of voice search is automatically activated on some mobile phones while on other mobile phones you must activate this interesting feature. With the help of these easy steps you may easily activate this setting.

•Make sure you have an updated Google app version on your device or mobile phone.
• Open Google app
•Tap menu setting at bottom on right side
•Click on Voice “Ok Google” detection
•Turn on it

Till 2021 some early adapter brands redesigned their website for Google voice search and visual to increase their digital commerce revenue by up to 30%. This is one prediction by Gartner (Leading Research & Advisory Company) which recently released its list of top strategic prediction for 2018 and beyond.

Now here is a quick comparison to understand the difference between text search and Voice search.

Suppose I want to know more about Steve Jobs, now if I have to do that by making a text query, I will go Google and simply Google shows out his name entering Steve jobs but if I have to do the same thing by using voice queries we will notice that the difference in the accuracy of the result now that’s the beauty of voice search.

A Google voice search simply takes all of the guesswork out of the searching. The popularity of voice search is rising by each passing day and here is an important metric that you need to consider. Voice and image searches are going to make at least 50% of all the searches by 2020 as per the “Merrymakers” internet trends report for to know what changes we need to make in your website to optimize it for voice and conversional search queries.

•The first thing you have to do is to think like an online shopper, the four micro movements that trigger an online search include “I want to know”. More consumers are taking the online route to know as much as possible about the product before making a purchase.

Before even starting any on page activity you might want to fine-tune your website for any of these micro movements, for example if you are a retail business you might want to find in your website for the “I want to buy” voice search query.

•Second thing understands a user’s search intent Google hummingbird is an SEO algorithm first introduced in 2013 brought semantic search into the central stage, with this update Google began to decipher the search intent of an online user with far more accuracy and started delivering results according to the inputted queries.

While optimizing your web content to handle voice searches you should structure your content around things such as NAP (Name, Address, Phone No.) or any other query that aims to address the who, what, when, where, why and how of your business.

•The third thing is adding an FAQ space. Did you know that the 20% of mobile searches are voice based and this is coming from Google CEO, If your website properly optimized to serve these voice based queries then immediate step that you can take to create an FAQ page or revamp the current want to address the queries originating from mobile users.

•Fourth thing is website’s speed. Today navigation of searches constitute for a big chunk of Google voice search. Rendering these searches as quickly as possible is a demand key, it is therefore important for you to make sure that your web site loads quickly & there is no leg in terms of user experience on your site.
If you need more tips or want to get full benefit of the rising number of voice search queries, SEO and mobile search queries reaches out now.

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